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Julio Le Parc

Vogue | An interior designer’s guide to Art Basel Hong Kong

Yeong Sassall
04 April 2019

Australian designer Emma Elizabeth shares her picks from this year’s Art Basel in Hong Kong.


Fresh from a trip to Hong Kong for Art Basel and to launch Local Design into Lane Crawford, Australian designer and stylist Emma Elizabeth took time out to share a few of her favourite finds from this year's event. The esteemed art fair features work from artists represented by galleries all around the world, and as you can see from the below list, it’s as diverse as it is inspiring. Of course, it’s not the only event on during art week – and Emma Elizabeth was lucky enough to visit a few other worthy sights.

Keep scrolling to see Emma Elizabeth’s picks.


Perrotin Gallery
D-5 / Light-Mirror site specific works by 90 year old pionner of op art and kinetic art Julio Le Parc.