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Ana Maria Tavares in Cloudwalker at Museum Voorlinden

Ana Maria Tavares, Desire, Deserve, Delight, Deny (Azul céu), 2015. Crystal, translucid blue and mirrored methacrylate; stainless steel, Dimensions: Ø 80.0 cm x 14.7 cm, Edition: One + 1 p.a


13 April 2024 -19 January 2025 


What would it be like to walk in the clouds? In Cloudwalker, you will see how artists make the impossible come true; they dream without boundaries, embrace the infinite, explore new possibilities and see the world from a different perspective. Composed with works from Voorlinden’s collection, the exhibition is an invitation to think, look and act in this boundless way yourself.

Performance artist Abraham Poincheval does what many dream of but do not think is possible. He makes the impossible come true. In the opening work Walk on Clouds of the collection exhibition Cloudwalker, you can see him walking through a cloud cover. A misty, ever-changing and seemingly endless landscape. This work reflects how his brain and that of many artists works; they dream and embrace the limitless, explore new possibilities and see the world from a different perspective. The exhibition features work by Ann Veronica Janssens, Edith Dekyndt, Ian Fisher, Jan van Munster and Billy Apple, among others.

Cloudwalker ends with the experience of a boundless world, as created by Yayoi Kusama with her 2008 Infinity Mirror Room: Gleaming Lights of the Souls. This installation is a mirror-lined chamber with flashing LED lights. If you are uncomfortable with flashing lights and/or enclosed, dark spaces, we advise you to not enter this artwork.