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Ana Maria Tavares

Cárceres a duas vozes: Piranesi e Ana Maria Tavares

Prisons in two voices: Piranesi and Ana Maria Tavares



Sicardi Gallery is pleased to announce that Ana Maria Tavares will show her series of work Airshaft for Piranesi alongside a series of engravings by Giovanni Battista Piranesi at the Museu Lasar Segall in São Paulo. The exhibition, curated by Jorge Schwarts and Marcelo Monzani will open September 5 and run through November 9, 2015. It will mark the re-opening of the museum, which has been closed for renovation during the past year. In addition to the Airshaft for Piranesi series, Tavares will show her studies for this series, and videos including the documentation of a large-scale architectural intervention titled Labirinto, completed in a seven-story high building in São Paulo in 2002.


Museu Lasar Segall

Rua Berta, 111

Vila Mariana, São Paulo

SP, 04120-040, Brazil

+55 11 2159-0400


For more information, please visit