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Jorinde Voigt in Jorinde Voigt & Charlie Stein Recombining Realities at roam projects

© Dale Grant

RECOMBINING REALITIES by Charlie Stein and Jorinde Voigt opening during the Berlin Gallery Weekend on 26th of April

26.04.2024, 6 – 9 pm
27.04.2024, 3 – 7 pm
28.04.2024, 11 am – 6 pm

roam project space
Lindenstraße 91
10969 Berlin

This exhibition is in the Sellerie Weekend programme


The two-person exhibition “Recombining Realities” unites the works of Charlie Stein and Jorinde Voigt for the first time. Although their works appear radically divergent—Stein’s are figurative paintings and Voigt’s are abstract sculptures—they converge on a common point: their methodical approach to their practices. Charlie Stein states, “Pluralistic realities are brought into dialogue with each other in such a way that something new, responsive, and resilient emerges.” This unexpected union reveals where Stein’s figuration blends into moments of abstraction and Voigt’s abstract sculptures take on figurative qualities through a visual language.

These moments of transition challenge strict phenomenological and binary boundaries, relating to what theorist Legacy Russell has termed the “glitch,” where “the body conceived as a machinic assemblage becomes multiple, gooey, blurry, full of seams, or simply glitched. It is a body that both absorbs and refracts, becoming everybody and nobody simultaneously.”

Both artists exhibit formal resonances in their work, such as the use of recombination based on set parameters, akin to the classical approach of theme and variation. Despite their diverse themes, both bodies of work draw on the lived, embodied experiences of the artists in their everyday practices. They touch upon moments of reflection triggered by intense grief and mourning—a response to personal loss and political upheaval. Together, these works demonstrate how the boundaries between private and public realms are both tender and collapsible.