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Liliana Porter in Liliana Porter at Dia Bridgehampton

Liliana Porter, Geometric Shapes with Drawings, 1973/2012. © Liliana Porter

Dia presents a new commission by Liliana Porter in dialogue with the permanent Dan Flavin installation on the second floor of the Bridgehampton location. A central figure in the early Conceptual and feminist art movements, Porter has dedicated her practice to contesting the spaces between reality and fiction across a variety of mediums including prints, etchings, drawings, collages, photographs, works on canvas, installations, public art, and theater. Within her long-standing research, the subject of time—perceived as continuous although nonlinear and dislocated—has manifested itself in the artist’s early photographic works from the 1970s, but also in later works from the 1990s incorporating collected figurines and trinkets, as well as in films and, most recently, theatrical plays. In representing unexpected scenes that are both humorous and intriguing, occurring simultaneously and with open-ended meanings, Porter zooms in on the minute to reflect on complex notions of reality, temporality, representation, and space.

Liliana Porter is curated by Humberto Moro, deputy director of program, with Liv Cuniberti, curatorial assistant.

All exhibitions at Dia are made possible by the Economou Exhibition Fund.