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Magdalena Fernández

Magdalena Fernández’s video installation 2iPM009 uses digital media to create light, sound and movement to evoke a rain soaked night. Fernandez’s work is informed by the Constructivist tradition in Latin America, which was partly inspired by the non-representational forms of the De Stijl art movement that developed in the Netherlands in the early part of the 20th century. Piet Mondrian’s initials are referenced in the title of the piece that pays homage to the neoplastic forms of the Dutch artist who made abstract compositions using vertical and horizontal grid structures. The soundtrack is an acoustic montage that Fernández has meticulously edited, of sounds made by members of the Slovenian a cappella group Perpetuum Jazzile, who snap their fingers, slap the palms of their hands against their legs, and stamp their heels on wood to evoke both the drumming and gentle patter of rain.





Phoenix Art Museum



1625 N Central Avenue



Phoenix, AZ



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