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María Fernanda Cardoso in Animal Architecture Collective, residency in Spreepark Artspace

Maria Fernanda Cardoso in her garden, 2020, photograph: Daniel Boud


Cardoso Studio, Feral Partnerships & Jennifer Turpin


08.04.2024 - 21.06.2024


The Animal Architecture Collective is a multidisciplinary team consisting of Cardoso Studio, Jennifer Turpin and Feral Partnerships. Together they have over thirty years of experience making large scale art works and researching complex environmental issues by way of creative practice. With a passion for natural history and biodiversity, the group explores how human and animal built form can connect contemporary urban life to the undervalued and wondrous skill of animal architects.

Research approach

The Animal Architecture Collective aims to use the residency to focus on architecture made by animals. Their project asks how can multi-species architecture be observed, incorporated and appreciated in the everyday operations of this urban park? Inspired by the buildings of animals such as ants, bees, birds, fish and small mammals, the group’s ambition is to reconnect the lives of humans to the incredible artistry / making skills / creativity of other animal architects, animal artists and animal designers.