Carlos Cruz-DiezLa Autonomia del Color
May 25 - August 24 2017
Carlos Cruz-Diez La Autonomia del Color

“I propose: an autonomous color without anecdotes or symbols, like an evolving phenomenon that involves us; color in constant mutation creating autonomous realities....”  – Carlos Cruz-Diez


Sicardi Gallery proudly announces Carlos Cruz-Diez, Autonomía del color – an exhibition dedicated to the Venezuelan master, on view from May 25 through August 24, 2017. Cruz-Diez’s acclaimed contributions to color theory and practice have shaped modern and contemporary art on an international scale, in addition to leaving a vibrant imprint on Houston itself. The show reflects Cruz-Diez’s long-standing relationship with Sicardi Gallery in the commission and production of a myriad of works and exhibits since 2003. This will be the artist’s fifth solo exhibition in the gallery. Join us for an opening reception TONIGHT, May 25th, from 6-8pm.


With its striking scale and spectrum, one of the show’s central highlights is Physichromie Panam # 259. The work exemplifies the artist’s Physichromies—a term that translates to “physical color” imbued upon Cruz-Diez’ experiments which today form part of major international collections, including the Tate Gallery of London and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Accompanying this piece are vivid Transchromies and freestanding Cromovelas, which highlight the role of viewer perambulation in Cruz-Diez’s creations. Interlocked color also forms the foundation of Induction, which engages with retinal persistence and travels to the gallery from Paris.


Carlos Cruz-Diez (b. 1923) initiated his artistic training at the School of Plastic and Applied Arts in Caracas, where he interacted with kinetic art pioneers, Jesús Rafael Soto and Alejandro Otero. His early experiments with color were shaped by impressionism, but a later interest in Bauhaus and the European avant-garde led to his first abstract interactive projects. Establishing his own workshop in Paris circa 1960, he initiated explorations of four chromatic conditions: subtractive, additive, inductive and reflected. His interplay of lines and frequencies establish what he calls “chromatic event modules” and “color climates”, altered by spectator participation.


The artist’s interest in viewer experience and social issues has led to large-scale public works, from contemporary architecture to interventions in urban spaces.  These international projects include key collaborations with Sicardi Gallery, such as the 15-meter long Physichromie Double Face at the University of Houston (2007)– a hue-soaked serpentine wall that greets campus guests. Another major collaboration with Sicardi Gallery includes Chromatic Induction in a Double Frequency (2012), a vibrant walkway at the Marlins’ Miami stadium. Cruz-Diez’s compositions have taken multiple forms across the globe over the decades, from a monumental sculpture in Portugal to subway entrances in Paris. Cruz-Diez emphasizes these works as a “veritable communion” between artist and spectator.


Cruz-Diez’ work has inspired several historic exhibitions, including the landmark 2004 show, Inverted Utopias: Avant-Garde Art in Latin America at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Embracing the artist’s legacy and his emphasis on the spectator, Sicardi Gallery enthusiastically invites the public to Carlos Cruz-Diez, Autonomía del color.  For more information, contact Annalisa Palmieri Briscoe at annalisa@sicardi.com, or call 713-529-1313.  Visit www.sicardi.com.