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Cut, Paste, Repair: A Lecture-Performance and Curatorial Talk

With Lenora de Barros, Lorenzo Bueno, and Gabriela Rangel


Lenora de Barros, Me Busco / Wanted By Myself, 2014. Offset posters, variable dimensions.
Lorenzo Bueno, Spent $10, Won $12, Lost $3, 2014. Mixed media, 12 1/2 in. x 8 in.


The Glassell School of Art

Saturday, September 6 at 1 pm


From different generations and backgrounds, artists Lorenzo Bueno (Buenos Aires, 1991) and Lenora de Barros (São Paulo, 1953), share a multidisciplinary approach to art as well as an acute awareness of the events that unlock mythologies of power. Trained in linguistics, de Barros developed a practice located in the liminal zone of words and image, the juncture where Lorenzo Bueno, by contrast, finds the gaps in which art becomes formal irony. Without being aware of their shared concerns, both artists constructed narratives in different historical moments and places in response to the 9/11 tragedy; these were developed into pieces included in the exhibition CUT, PASTE, REPAIR on view at Sicardi Gallery. At 1 pm, Saturday, September 6 at The Glassell School of Art, Lorenzo Bueno will perform his lecture A Tour of The Monument of the 4th Avenue F and G Platform, 2013, a collage about everyday life in downtown Manhattan after 9/11. De Barros will present a genealogy of the piece Wanted by Myself (Procuro-me) in its multiple iterations, starting with its source of origin: a quote by George W. Bush on terrorism. 


Curator Gabriela Rangel will engage in a conversation with Lenora de Barros and Lorenzo Bueno about these and other issues relevant to collage as a technique of montage and a venerable contemporary device.


Cut, Paste, Repair: A Hundred Years of Collage, curated by Gabriela Rangel opens with a celebration from 6-8 pm, Saturday, September 6 at Sicardi Gallery, 1506 W. Alabama St., Houston, TX 77006.