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Oscar Muñoz


Oscar Muñoz



June 7 - August 25, 2012

Sicardi Gallery, Houston, TX, USA


Two pivotal questions with regard to the work of Oscar Muñoz (Popayán, 1951) have been and continue to be the subject of much discussion, and with good reason. The first has to do with descriptive and formal aspects deriving from his constant and ingenious experimentation with different materials and supports, lending a specific singularity to this Colombian artist’s production since the early 1980s. The second question (in general terms) has to do with the broad approach he takes to the study of memory and its irrepressible nature. However, in the context of the present exhibition, which brings together a selection of three pieces by the Cali- based artist, and recalling the shows that Muñoz has presented at the gallery in years past, the brief reflection offered by this text focuses on identifying possible conceptual panoramas which have accompanied and identified Oscar Muñoz’s work and evolution over the course of several decades. When contextualizing his work, it bears noting that over and above formal and/or thematic strategies, Muñoz’s contemporary gaze and current idiom offer a compelling reflection on the image as something that is much more than a simple retention of moments. Rather, he favors processes whose symbolic content is in permanent flux and erosion.