Project Video

Maria Fernanda Cardoso & Harley, Dias & Riedweg, Oscar Muñoz, Liliana Porter, Miguel Angel Rojas

February 21 – March 30, 2013

Liliana Porter, Matiné / Matinee, 2009.
Video, 20:45 minutes. Edition of 10, 2 A/P
Oscar Muñoz, Hombre de arena / Sand Man, 2006-2009.
Video projection on sand, 3:40 minutes
Dias & Riedweg, Pequenas estórias de Modéstia e Dúvida / Little Stories of Modesty and Doubt, 2011-ongoing. Series of 4 videos.
Peladas noturnas (Nocturnal Kickabouts), 3:57 minutes
O espelho e a tarde (The Mirror and the Dusk), 8:42 minutes
A cidade fora dela (The City Outside Itself), 8:18 minutes
Sábado á noite no parquinho (Saturday Night at the Fairground), 7:03 minutes
Miguel Ángel Rojas, Caquetá, 2007. Video, 7:38 minutes. Edition of 5, 2 A/P.
Maria Fernanda Cardoso & Harley, Stick Insects Most Intimate Moments, On Video!, 2011.
Video installation, 40:00 minutes

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