Transitional: Curated by María Iovino

María Isabel Arango, Teresa Currea, Cesar González, Diana Menestrey, Nicolas Paris, Andrés Ramírez Gaviria, Luisa Roa, Adriana Salazar

January 24 – March 28, 2013

Press Release

Sicardi Gallery is pleased to present Transitional, an exhibition of works by eight Colombian-born artists that obliquely yet radically re-interpret the tradition of art in Latin America using drawing, installation, video and sculpture. Despite innumerable options with regard to new approximations of the image, these artists collectively divulge significant strategies about the motives that drive artistic explorations in an ever-changing sociopolitical context.  A text by María Iovino, exhibition curator, will accompany the show.  

In presenting this particular grouping of works, which includes drawings, sculpture, sound and video, curator María Iovino posits a philosophical and aesthetic break with tradition, suggesting that the basis of this turn is rooted in technocratic aspects of locality. Further, she suggests that the dissolution of traditional centers of power announced at the advent of postmodernism has finally been realized, but this is just the beginning: despite their versatility and poetics, this work reflects an approach to mark making in which the present is a moment in transition—a precursor to powerful forms of expression yet to be.

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